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A holiday gift for all of my wonderful followers!
the real present is the drabble because the edit sucks

Hermione stormed out of her room. Detention. She didn’t get detention, and here she was on Christmas eve being forced to go to the Great Hall to do some stupid task. She had been engrossed in a library book and had walked into class ten minutes late. She may have gotten away with it with another professor, but of course it had been Snape.

She walked into the Great Hall and saw the huge tree that appeared every year. It was bare. Her heart lept with excitement. She would levitate the ornaments and be done in less than half an hour!

Granger? Are you lost? You know this is detention, right?” She whipped around and saw Draco Malfoy standing behind her, looking smug as always. “If it’s any of your business, Malfoy, I was late to Potions today and this is my punishment,” she replied.

“Yes, our perfect Miss Granger is serving detention, Malfoy. For the same reason as you,” said Snape, who seemed to appear out of nowhere. “Your task is to decorate the tree. Without magic.” Hermione and Draco both gasped at the last two words. “Your wands please,” Snape demanded, holding out his hand. He left abruptly.

“Great,” Hermione sighed. “This is going to take hours and it’s already ten o’clock. I wanted to get a head start on the work that’s due after our Christmas break.”

“You’re pathetic,” Draco scoffed. “Come on, let’s get this over with. Since you know so much about muggle customs I’ll let you show me what to do.” Hermione glared at him and started stringing lights. She ignored Draco, who had begun to place ornaments on the bottom of the tree. When she could no longer reach, she pulled over the huge ladder and began to climb. She knew better than to ask the lazy prick to do anything but the simple tasks.

Hermione was just about to wrap the last few rows of lights around when she felt the ladder shift beneath her. It was unsteady and she was leaning much too far off of it. Suddenly it began to fall away from her and her body was in free fall. Terror rose through her chest and she braced herself for the horrifying trip to the hard ground.

Instead she fell into Draco, who had watched the whole thing happen with surprising fear. Why would he care what happened to Granger? But he held his arms out and broke her fall, sending both of them toppling to the ground in a pile of christmas lights and ornaments. Draco landed on top of Hermione, and he found it strangely…pleasant. Hermione was suprised Draco had even bothered to try to catch her, and she found herself dazzled by his stone cold features. They stared at each other in the glow of the lights for a moment and suddenly Draco found himself kissing her. He didn’t know who started it, but no one was stopping anything soon.

What in bloody hell am I doing, they both thought.

The kiss was passionate and hungry. Their minds went blank as if they had forgotten who they were. Hermione removed her sweater and Draco began unbuttoning his shirt. Soon all they wore were the Christmas lights they were tangled in, and they stayed that way till dawn.

“H-Happy Christmas, Granger,” Draco stuttered as he pulled his clothes back on, a strange grin creeping onto his usually sullen face. 

“You too, Malfoy,” Hermione whispered, blushing deeply as she began to fix the lights. They had broken several bulbs. When the decorating was finished, they walked their separate ways.

Who would have thought that Slytherin’s bad boy and the Gryffindor princess would exchanges gifts under the tree?

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